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7 Inch Round Driving Hi-Low Lights w/ Amber-White Position Light OM-D090-C-7

7 Inch Round Driving Hi-Low Lights w/ Amber-White Position Light OM-D090-C-7

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High Performance Spotlight

This spotlight offers a remarkable irradiation distance of 630 meters, providing exceptional precision lighting. With a brightness of 5600 lumens, it ensures maximum visibility during night driving and off-road adventures. The 70-watt high power design guarantees optimal light output and efficiency, while 99% reflectivity ensures superior brightness and clarity. Equipped with high-quality P8 5W LED chips, it is durable and reliable for long-term use.

Advanced Construction

Featuring scientific light distribution, this spotlight offers perfect light spread and distribution for a balanced and wide beam pattern. The die-cast aluminum heat sink housing is robust and ensures efficient heat dissipation, extending the lifespan of the spotlight. The wide optics reflector maximizes light output and spread, while the durable PC lens protects the LED chips while maintaining clarity. With 14*5W P8 LED chips, it provides high-intensity illumination, and the dual-color DRL LEDs enhance visibility and style.

Versatile Lighting Options

This spotlight offers a wide and long combo driving beam for comprehensive road coverage, perfectly balancing width and distance. The DRL position light provides a stylish glow during the day, enhancing vehicle visibility. The combo high driving beam delivers powerful long-distance illumination, ideal for night driving and off-road use. The wide low beam offers broad illumination for close-range visibility, ensuring safe and comfortable driving.

Superior Optical Design

Engineered with a combo driving beam optical design, this spotlight ensures optimal light distribution for maximum road coverage and brightness. The high precision reflectors are designed for efficiency and clarity, enhancing the overall lighting performance. The dual beam functionality offers versatile lighting options for different needs, combining the capabilities of low beam and high beam.

Exceptional Distance Coverage

The 630-meter combo driving beam of this spotlight provides unmatched reach, perfect for long-range visibility and safety. The comprehensive beam pattern offers wide and far-reaching coverage, ideal for off-road adventures and night driving. Enhanced road safety ensures you can see obstacles and hazards from afar, promoting safer driving conditions in low-light environments.

Dynamic DRL Options

This spotlight offers four light modes: White DRL, Amber DRL, Wide Low Beam, and Combination High Beam. Adaptable lighting for various driving conditions, the White DRL provides bright and clear visibility during the day, while the Amber DRL offers a warm, noticeable glow. The wide low beam delivers broad illumination for close-range clarity, and the combination high beam provides powerful long-distance vision. The high-low driving beam pattern covers both the width and length of the road, ensuring comprehensive visibility and safety.

Rugged Reliability Redefined

Unveiling a new standard in lighting endurance: cutting-edge cooling mechanisms nestled within robust die-cast aluminum, guaranteeing longevity exceeding 50,000 hours. Beyond mere illumination, these lights stand as unwavering allies on your expeditions, meticulously crafted to endure every mile and terrain.

Embrace the Elements Fearlessly

Harnessing the power of IP68-rated waterproofing, our lights defy nature's harshest challenges. With our groundbreaking Pressure Equalization Vent, moisture is kept at bay, ensuring unparalleled clarity on your journey. Conquer storms and dust storms alike with a lighting solution as resilient as your adventurous spirit.

Model: OM-D090-C-7

Includes: 1 pair of lights, SS mounting brackets and hardware, and wiring harness (w/ switch and relay).

Voltage: 9-32V DC
Working Watt: 70W
Lumen: 5600lm
Color temperature: 6000K
Waterproof & Dustproof: IP 68
Chip:14*5W P8 LED
Illumination distance: 1 LUX@630M
Material: Diecasting aluminum alloy housing
Mounting Bracket: 312 Stainless steel bracket
Angle light: White
Housing color: Black
Lens material: PC

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