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9 Inch Off-Road Lights w/ White-Amber DRL Welcome Function OM-D065-9

9 Inch Off-Road Lights w/ White-Amber DRL Welcome Function OM-D065-9

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Unmatched Brightness and Range

Explore the ultimate in brightness and range with our cutting-edge lighting solution. Engineered with precision, each unit is equipped with 30 OSRAM P8 LEDs, unleashing an impressive 15000 lumens of light and 150 watts of power. Witness the transformative illumination capability with a remarkable long-distance reach of 1lux@1400m, ensuring clarity and visibility, no matter the distance.

Upgraded 9-Inch DRLs & Welcome

Elevate your driving experience with the latest upgrade to our 9-inch lights, a significant leap from the earlier 6-inch models. While retaining the distinctive white and yellow DRL functionality, these upgraded lights now boast an engaging 5-second welcome mode upon activation. This not only maintains efficient daytime visibility but also boosts your vehicle's aesthetic appeal with an additional layer of sophisticated flair.

Superior Light Source Reflectivity

Enjoy maximum efficiency with our strategic blend of spot and flood reflectors. By integrating three rows of spot reflectors alongside a row of flood reflectors, we've achieved an exceptional light source reflectivity rate of up to 99%. This design ensures that every lumen is optimized for the brightest and most effective illumination possible.

IP68 Waterproof Durability

"With our IP68-rated waterproof lights, you're ready to conquer any puddle, stream, or downpour. Crafted to resist water immersion up to one meter for 30 minutes, these lights stand as your unwavering ally in any weather condition, illuminating your journey consistently and reliably.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Enjoy lasting performance with our lights, designed for efficient heat dissipation. The combination of a wear-resistant PC lens and a die-cast aluminum housing provides not only superior strength and corrosion resistance but also ensures a prolonged lifespan of over 5000 hours. Keep your lights cool and your path clear for years to come.

Robust Mounting System

Stability is essential, and with our 3/16 thick stainless steel mounting bracket, complete with a rubber dampener, your lights will remain securely in place. This system is engineered to resist corrosion and endure the toughest terrains, guaranteeing that your lights stay aligned and ready to guide you on any adventure.

Model: OM-D065-9

Includes: 1 pair of lights, SS mounting brackets and hardware, lens covers, and wiring harness (w/ switch and relay).

Voltage: 9-32V DC
Working Watt: 150 Watts
Lumen: 15000 lumens
Color temperature:5700K-6000K
Waterproof & Dustproof: IP68, IP69K
Illumination distance:1lux@1400m
Beam: Combo Driving Beam
Material: Diecasting aluminum alloy housing
Position Light: White / Amber
Housing color: Black
Lens material: PC

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