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SolarX Pro80 Portable Solar Panel

SolarX Pro80 Portable Solar Panel

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Powerness SolarX Pro80 Portable Solar Panel

Portable And Lightweight At 3.18 KG

Monocrystalline Solar Cells With Up to 23% Efficiency

Magnetic Closure

Durable With IP65 Waterproof Rating

The Powerness Pro 80W Solar Panel has a built-in DC7909(8mm) connector that compatible with power stations features DC7909 (8mm)input port. Besides, it also comes with 3 DC connectors compatible with most power stations. The specifications for 6 connectors are 4.0*1.7 mm, 5.5*2.1 mm, 6.3*3.0 mm.

The Powerness Pro 80W Solar Panel is equipped with a patented digital LCD display. You will be able to see the instant charging status. Always be clear about the efficiency of the solar panel and allow you to adjust the best placement position and angle for solar charging.



Operating Temperature - -10° to 65°C (14° to 149°F)

Dimensions(unfolded) - 104 x 53.1 x 2.6 CM

Dimensions(folded) - 51.9 x 53.1 x 3 CM

Weight - 3.18 KG


1*DC 7909 Femaie to DC Male 4017/5521/6330 Connector ,1* USB-A Port, 1* USB-C Cable

Cable Length - 2M

Warranty - 24 Months

Certifications - CE,FCC,RHOS,UKCA


Power - 80W

Cell Effciency - 23%

Power Voltage - 18V

Power Current - 4.5A

Open Circuit Voltage - 21.6V


USB-A Output - 5V/2.4A

USB-C Cable Output - 5V/2.4A

DC Cable Output - 18V / 4.5A / 80W

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