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TRUKD Traction Board Mount

TRUKD Traction Board Mount

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This is the TRUKD traction board mount.  We've designed it from 3/16th's aluminum and added features to allow you to mount it anywhere on your TRUKD bed rack or on the crossbars of other brand roof or bed racks.  Our mounting holes allow this to be used on our racks or any racks using a t slot mounting system!  Single t slots bars will only allow mounting parallel to the extrusion, while bars with 2 slots can be used for perpendicular mounting.  When used with a TRUKD bed rack, these mount can be used on our faceplates, crossbars, front to back connectors, or accessory panels.

Or traction board mounts allow you to mount most all popular traction boards, and allow you to mount them to your rack without sacrificing the setup of your rack based on the size of your traction boards.  Our mounts have 2.75" linear adjustment built in and can be flipped for smaller or larger boards.  They are made from aluminum and use stainless steel hardware to avoid corrosion. 

*if you choose to purchase this for a rack system that uses a different size or style extrusion than what TRUKD uses, you are responsible for procuring your own mounting hardware.

What's Included?

2X Traction Board Mounting Brackets

4X Stainless Steel Traction board mounting bolts, washers, and nuts

4X Thumbscrews

TRUKD Bed Rack Mounting Hardware

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